Newest Life Style For Bathroom Bidet!

Excellent Design
Easy to install on normal toilet stool
Non-Electrical Type

Hygienic chrome coating Nozzle!

Easy installation at any toilet.
Energy-saving type Non- electric Bidets.

It requires no electricity and are powered by using only water pressure.
It is the most economical and environmentally friendly Bidet and it is easily installed onto your existing toilet seat for a effect and hygienic clean.
The new creative design of Bobslei breaks the existing design pattern of bidet.
It stands out very vividly from other bidets and improves the class of bathroom.


Non Electric system
Adjustable fixing plate for all toilet seat

Sliding type nozzle for hygenic use
Hygienic Chrome coating Nozzle.
Ergonomic single control lever for easy operation

2way adjustable andgle of injection nozzle
Simple structure is enable to install conveniently like a DIY


1. Product selection according to the taste and using circumstance of user.

* BOBSLEI - I : Bidet for cold water exclusively.

* BOBSLEI - II : Bidet for both use of cold and warm water.

2. Handle color option.

The way of using for operation parts


economic model
high class model
Water temperature control X O
Washing function O O
Nozzle for female exclusively O O
Nozzle cleaning O O

* Temperature control is made by mixing cold and hot water in case of BOBSLEI-II model, and move round handle to hot water (RED COLOR) direction slowly.

* Stop if desired temperature is given. Should move round handle slowly to avoid hot water supply suddenly in case of moving round handle rapidly to hot water direction.