Water filter package

1sets (8pcs) of
4stage filters for
1year for home use

WACO exporting to the worldwide is different from others due to
its high-technology which is approved by HI-SEOUL BRAND.
    4Stage water filter package of WACO’s for home use is approved by the superior technology as the goods of HI-SEOUL BRAND.
      WACO Corp is the approved enterprise in the product Quality, marketing capability and financial strength as KOTRA Global Brand.

WACO’s water filters for home use with high-technology

High quality water filters of WACO Corp
Water filters are produced under the strict quality control of WACO Corp as HI-SEOUL BRAND’s products.

It can supply the clean water that is purified by the superior technology of WACO Corp with no worry.

Various kinds of water filters considering environment of users
There are various kinds of Water filters that users can select for water purifiers and are interchangeable.

Easy to use
Water filters are designed for users to assemble or disassemble.

Is Water you drink safe?      

80% of diseases are caused by unclean water.
It is indispensable to drink clean water in order to keep in shape.

It is necessary to select the approved water filters that can clean water and are produced by the trustable manufacturer.

Water filter packages of WACO Corp are the goods being sold in the worldwide markets.

Water filter package of WACO Corp
(8pcs for 1year)

Composition of filter package

How to disassemble water filters

Put the opener between the
fitting and the tip of filter.
Push the protruding
part of the fitting.
Disassemble the fitting
from the filter.

* The tip of the filter shall be handled carefully in order to avoid such damage.