Sediment Filter

The sediment filter is a retreated filter which removers ordinary sediments (clay, rust, sand, etc) In the water through 1~10micron(1/1,000mm) pores. The sediment filter cartridge is easy to change and allows the customers. To verify the filters level of contamination through naked eyes, providing an high reliability.

Sediment Filter

1. Characteristics of Sediment Filter

Sediment Filter maximized the effect of purification from the initial stage by eliminating minute impurities with the size down to 1 um such as rust, soil, sand and dust and extends the life of filters in the next stages.

2. Materials of Filter and its characteristics

Sediment Filter manufactured with PP material collects and eliminates significant volume of pollutants by the maximization of pore volume through multiple fiber layer structure of minute RP fiber, and has chemical durability for various chemicals and thermal resistance in view of the characteristics of PP materials

3. Use of PP materials

1) Chemical Process
    Large quantity filtration of chemicals and filtration of acid and alkali solutions

2) Oil and Gas
    Refining of oil drilling region, and purification of wastewater of oil well

3) Metal finishing
    Machinery cooling water, plating solution, and filtration of rust stain

4) Electronics Industry
    Pre-treatment before Reverse Osmosis of manufacturing micro chips and circuit panels, pre-treatment for     chemicals, and pre-treatment for hi-tech coating used for magnetic tape, floppy disk and optical fiber

5) Photography
    Development, printing of film and sticking solution

6) Beverages
    Refining of milk, beer, wine, refreshing beverages, spring water, syrup and edible oil

7) Cosmetics
    Production of purified water for cosmetics such as mouth wash solution, eau de cologne and lotion

8) Pharmaceuticals
    Production of purified water for pharmaceutical industry, refining of reagents, and pre-treatment before     Reverse Osmosis