Antibacterial Activated Carbon
Remove Various Bacteria & Anti bacteria

* Activated Silver-carbon is Antibacterial Activated Carbon which is split in drinkable activated carbon. Silver Ion (Ag+) has the strongest Antibacterial working in Metal ions.

* This filter is designed to provide enhanced taste and removal of odors from the purified water.

※ The Characteristic of Silver activated carbon
- Effective removal of various bacteria (Alkaligenes, Pseudomonas and etc)
- React on automatic charging equipment of Granular Activated Carbon
- Very small amount of dust generation and few extrusion of particle matter
- Elution of silver concentration is controlled under 100ppb by EPA standard
- Suitableness to Japanese Food Additive Test Standard

※ Basic Properties of Matter
- Shape: Granular Activated Carbon
(Standard granularity size 10/30, 20/40, 30/60, 48/100, 60/150 Mesh)
- Specific gravity : 0.43~0.53g/cc
- Packing : 15kg bag
Test Method : Add 5.0g of activated carbon into 100ml of raw water. Count the cell after 24 hours at 25℃.
♣ Silver activated carbon kills 99.99% of those two germs so it show s a great anti bacterial effect.

- Do not directly let hot water (over 38℃) run through the filter.
* Maximum flow : 0.5Gal/min
* Service life : 1,500G
* Maximum pressure : 125psi