POU Sanitization(PATENTED)

A Breakthrough in Point-of-Use Sanitization


  • A Breakthrough in Point-of-Use Sanitization

Using the latest advances in POU sanitization techniques, WACO Corp. is proud to announce SILVER IN-LINE SANIYATION('SIS'). 

Composed of a semiconductor that automatically sends a direct electric current at a regular rate, silver anions are generated. These anions effective destroy all bacteria, microbes, and viruses that exist in water. 

Internationally, the use of silver as a sanitization agent is approved in countries like Japan(under 50 ppb) and from authorities like the WHO(100ppb). Silver has no toxicity and is able to destory these microbial impurities via a process called 'Origdynamic Action'. 

The SIS in-line sanitizer is easy-to-inistall, has an extremely long lifespan, and cost-effective to replace.  





  • The basic principal of the SIS POU Sanitization System.

The basic principal of the SIS POU Sanitization System. It's an electric apparatus to eliminate all kinds of bacterial, microbial colon, waterweeds melted and existing into water. Control units that are composed of semiconductor automatically send a direct electric current at regular rate. Accordingly, an colloidal anions generate and these anions can make each bacterial incapacity by reacting on the surface of a cell of microbials.

Power : DC24V

Silver colloid generation by Negative from Silver Electorde and Positive from Titanium.

Patent No. : 20-05-30577 


  • Silver Sanitization(antibiotics) Mechanism.

Silver ion is no toxicity and tasteless, useful for both in-outside the body. For the bacterium infection, it's much effective in terms of period, symptoms improvement, relieve of a disease as a sterilizer, antimicrobial in a board sense. An anions process of vulcanizing the cell wall by reacting with a amino group which is one of components of the cell wall. According to this, organism can't absorb nutritious and water and get to die by preventing the metabolism. Electric load of an anion keeps the generative function of organism and when exposed to silver it can be extinct 100%. This phenomenon is called Origdynamic Action. On silver, the use of this is permitted with the pharmaceutical affairs law and for water sterilization, JAPAN rules to be under 50ppb of it and WHO rules is under 100ppb our rules to be under 10ppb for our develpments. Also our products are designed to keep this level according to the law of strength of silver. 


  • The paradigm of the silver.

Use it as a sterilizer by putting into a plate

Use it as a treatment for a burning

Use it as a silver solvent(at present, a natural antibiotics with an approval of FDA that is suppied in a health food shop of USA with Melatonin DHEA)

Use it as a water purifier in a space of NASA.

Accession from the government of Switzerland as a silver water purifier.

Use it as a silver oxidation filter for the elimination of smoke. 

Use it as a metal plate to joint a born.

Use it for an extermination all kinda bacterials(650 of species) without a side effect within 6 minitues.

Use it for silver soap, silver cosmetic, silver clothing, silver tile etc..  

냉온정수기용 은이온살균기(특허제품)

A Breakthrough in Point-of-Use Sanitization


  • (주)와코 은이온 살균시스템

당사에서 특허받은 상품으로 은(Silver)이 가지고 있는 고유의 멸균력을 이용하여 전처리수를 멸균처리하여 사용자가 안전하게 음용할 수 있도록 해주며, 은자체가 인체에 무해하여 안심하고 사용이 가능합니다. 아울러, 은이온이 전처리수와 함께 지나가는 모든 구간을 은이온이 멸균처리 해주어 물때가 끼지 않으며, 설치가 간편하고 서비스기간(약 2년)이 길기 때문에 저렴한 유지비용으로 사용이 가능합니다. 

 *제품의 서비스기간은 사용유량 및 원수조건에 따라 달라질 수 있습니다.